Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to “Adventure First. Explanations Later.” , a blog about my travels around the world, and the adventures to be found in it.

I’m in the process of kick-starting this blog, formerly known as fotoethnographies.blogspot.com, in its new home at www.rrsuro.com. I just got back from Indonesia, where I spent a year as a volunteer doing research. Thanks to that amazing experience over there, and with the help of Dr. Cheryl Knott and Tim Laman – Wildlife Photojournalist, I got awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer’s grant! So next year, I’ll be heading back out into the field to commence my NatGeo Young Explorer’s Project, “The Lives of Orangutans.”

It’s still a couple months until my adventure begins, and until then, I have a lot of planning to do…website programming, promoting, fund-raising, obtaining research permits…I got my work cut out for me. In the meantime though, I’m going to be keeping this blog updated with news about my progress, and I’ll also be publishing some great stories about my time in Indonesia, that I just didn’t get the opportunity to share before (partly because the rainforest has really bad internet service, and partly because I was too deep into the jungle life).

So stay tune for more.

Until then, enjoy this photo of the Andes I took from a plane on the way to Tiputini Biodiversity Station in Ecuador. I feel a special connection to the Andes, due to one of my greatest memories: climbing the 5,897 m volcano, Cotopaxi. This was a life-changing moment for me, a moment that spurred me to try to lead a life of adventure, and never be afraid to step outside the boundaries. For each day can be an adventure, if we just reach out and grasp it.

Welcome to the blog.


Flying on crystal clear days over some mountains like this is amazing.
The large volcano in the foreground is Cayambe. Behind that one, the most visible volcanoes are Antisana on the left, and Cotopaxi (my favorite!) on the right. In the far background, you can also see Chimborazo in the middle, and the twin peaks of the Illinizas on the right.

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